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About Us

(TNTS) "I have seen grow up before Coconut Lane
Coconut lull me to sleep early childhood
Every afternoon listening to the wind bell coconut
I asked my local - self ever coconut?".

          No one knows exactly Vietnam coconut trees have never themselves. Coconut tree "hukou" official in 93 countries and territories, of which over 80% of the area of ​​Southeast Asia and South Asia.

          Coconut scientific name is Cocos nucifera, single live tree, which can reach more than 30m. Coconut is known as the "tree of 1,001 uses", "trees create jobs". From the stems, leaves, veins, branches, flowers, fruit, fiber, shells, rice, water, roots ... are creating products for humans. Coconut tree is a fruit tree, but after 50 years living coconut trees to make lumber products Crafts and especially coconut wood textures unique than all other kinds of wood.

          Not fussy frills, not particularly different than things that people use every day, but the bowls, chopsticks, spoons and wooden handicraft products from coconuts still gives users the cultural feel of water and create the personalities, unique. Today, things from coconut products such as coconut stalks, coir, coconut shells or body is no longer a waste product that became typical of elite Vietnam villages and is present in several countries around the world . Coconut wood are used to make many products home appliances and decorative objects such as dishes, forks, chopsticks, tea sets, vases, decanters, jewelry boxes, ashtrays and many handicraft items other...

          Although new in the market but not long products from coconut handicrafts were competitive with the products of furniture and crockery domestic by nature, beauty and durability is unique and useful medium can be used as decorations at home. The bowl is made from coconut body hands of talented artisans were reminiscent of the wooden bowl ancient Vietnamese people, due to natural materials with human safety and durable ... and toxic, so very popular.

          Show items handicrafts made from coconut not only confirmed their place in the domestic market but also the handicrafts items exported to many countries. Products now available in many ethnic restaurants, hotels, and is widely favored.

          To meet the needs of users looking to buy products for beauty, home decor for your house VINACOCO market has produced many different models to help you customers have many choices richer.